World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is an international agri-tourism organization that matches volunteers with organic farms. Sapsucker Farms has been a WWOOF-USA host farm since 2012. We have been blessed to host these impressive, hard-working, and eager-to-learn “WWOOFers” who have joined us here at Sapsucker Farms during the summer months.  Let me introduce them to you:

2017 WWOOFers

Rachel Fiore, Alpha New Jersey/Chicago, Illinois (Also in 2015)

Emmilee Van Gulick, Kansas City, Missouri

2016 WWOOFers

Sarah Danly, Vermont (also 2014)

Joe Duncan, Chicago, Illinois

Micah Celene, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Emily Gruzin, Sydney Australia (also 2014)

Kathy Millar, Ashville North Carolina

2015 WWOOFers

Laura McNabb, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Anna Russel and Joe, St. Paul, Minnesota

Mara Braspenninx, Chicago, Illinois

Trang Le, Hanoi, Vietnam

Rachel Fiore, Alpha, New Jersey

Derek Trites, Rush City, Minnesota

2014 WWOOFers

Jessica Schneider, St. Paul, Minnesota

Aymar DeLichtervelde, Brussels, Belgium (also 2013)

Will Kelb, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Diana Ellis, Cold River, California

Erin Carlson, Roseville, Minnesota

Sarah Danly, Boston, Massachusetts

Emily Gruzin, Sydney Australia

Andrew Davis, Ethan Lockshin, Potomac, Maryland

2013 WWOOFers

Aymar DeLichtervelde, Brussels Belgium

Steven Hall, Baltimore, Maryland

Chris Hinze, Minneapolis, and Sam Graf, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Manxi Yuan, Shanghai, China

David Rittenhouse, St. Paul, Minnesota

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