Website update in progress


Hi everyone. As you can see, our website is in the process of being updated. In fact, I’m working on it right now. hang in there, I hope to have it fully up and running in about a week.  Keep in mind, I’m a farmer, not an IT techno webby kinda person, so this is challenging for me. The good news is that I can take a break from the computer, go in the green house and get some seeds going for the upcoming growing season. Ahhhhh.

Meanwhile, please enjoy looking at our completely updated logo. My brilliant and talented twin brother designed it.



Trees are tapped.


On Saturday, March 9, we had about 20 generous friends and colleagues come out to the farm to help us tap the maple trees for the 2013 maple syrup season. Our goal was to put out 1,000 spiles all in one day. But it turned out to be rather challenging weather…snow…rain…ice… a pretty cold, wet, and uncomfortable day.

But despite the challenges that mother nature sent out way, our hard-working crew helped us get about 850 trees tapped. Then a few more friends returned on Saturday March 16 and the rest of the taps were put out. Now we just need some warm weather to get the sap running.

Stay tuned for news on the sap run as it happens, and we hope you’ll be able to join us for some maple syrup making fun this year.

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