Minnesota Wildflower Honey

Not certified organic.

Each year we have anywhere between 10 and 20 honeybee hives. The honeybees are so crucial to everything we do on the farm as they pollinate the crops. A side benefit is honey they produce from the 40 acres of wildflowers that bloom on our restored native prairie fields.

Is our honey organic? All of the honeybee colonies on the farm are meticulously nurtured and managed using organic practices. They also have lots of certified organic habitat to forage on the farm. But since honeybees can fly up to four miles away to forage, as a beekeeper, I am not able to control where they go. In order for our honey to be certified organic, I would need to get affidavits from landowners within a 2-mile radius of our farm to state that they use no chemicals in their fields or yards. Therefore it is not possible to have our honey certified organic. But if I were a honeybee living at Sapsucker Farms surrounded by 40 acres of wildflowers and certified organic acreage, I would just hang out right here. Wouldn’t you?

We offer two sizes of honey, all in glass jars:

1-lb honey – $7.00  BUY NOW

2-lb honey – $13.00  BUY NOW 

Case of 12 1-lb honey – $77.00 ask for shipping information

Case of 12 2-lb honey – $143.00 ask for shipping informationhoney






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