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East and West Coast WWOOFers


Andrew Davis is from Maryland. And from California. Ethan Lockshin is from Maryland. And from California. They just graduated from high school and are now off to Colorado and Washington. It was a pleasure having these bright, well-traveled young men join us for two weeks on the farm this spring. They were lots of help to get this slow spring off to a fast start. And the best part is that they plan to make another visit to the farm again in the future.  Thanks for all of your hard work guys!

The Belgian Cowboy


We had a lot of fun with “the Beligian Cowboy,” Aymar de Lichtervelde from Belgium. He joined the Sapsucker Farms team for a month from mid-August through mid-September. He is studying bioengineering at the University if Louven in Belgium. His goal as a WWOOFer was to learn as much as he could about organic, sustainable agriculture practices, part of an assignment he is required to complete at the University.

We spent the days working in the fields, talking about organic agriculture, the food system, culture, and more. Then he would pull out his guitar and sing a few songs each evening as well.


WWOOFer in the Tomato Patch

steven hall

Meet Steven Hall, our WWOOFer from Baltimore Maryland. He joined us here on the farm for two weeks in August. He did a great job and we appreciate all of the hard work he did here on the farm.

You can also see how tall the tomatoes have grown too. Steven is 6′ 4″ tall, and the tomatoes…. well…. they’re about 9 feet tall now, and still growing. Now we need more tall people to help us harvest the tomatoes.

Our first WWOOFer


Meet Manxi Yuan. She is a University of Minnesota student from China. Before she went home to China for the summer, she volunteered for two weeks in May as a WWOOFer to help us out on the farm. Even though the spring weather was horrible… cold…rainy… miserable, she stepped up and worked through the crappy weather and helped us get some of the crops planted. She also taught us how to make some of her favorite spicy dishes that she enjoys in China. Manxi cookingNice job, Manxi.

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