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A Tribute to Jay Baldwin.

Dala presentation

This goofy guy is the person who got us started making maple syrup nearly 15 years ago. He grew up in Vermont and spent his childhood and young adult years making maple syrup every spring. On his first visit to our farm, he walked through our woods, saw lots of sugar maple trees and asked “have you ever thought about making maple syrup?”

On Thursday June 4, 2015, he was tragically killed in an airplane accident in Alaska.

Our hearts are broken. We are only one of the few people he has touched throughout his lifetime. Anyone who has met Jay has a story to tell.

Jay, we love you and miss you so much.

The Sap is Running.


Oh yeah. The buckets are filling up with sap once again. The first collection and sap cooking will be happening this Saturday 3/28. Let us know if you want to join us.

First Sap Run of the Season.

bucket crew

Even though we got off to a rough start (RO leaked, sap tank stuck in the snow, burned our new finishing pan) our small crew of six people had a good time collecting sap and making the first batch of maple syrup for the season. Despite 2 feet of snow still in the woods, it was a beautiful weekend to be outside, and we collected 1200 gallons of sap.


Tree Tapping Weekend.

tree tapping

On Saturday March 15, we were fortunate to have an army of friends and family join us to put out 1,000 taps. It’s a lot of work, but the weather was great, and the company was even greater.Carrie skid steer Darrell

A huge THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who came out to give us a hand.


Celebrating 100 Years


Joe’s Stone Crab, a renown restaurant on South Beach in Miami Beach Florida, is celebrating their 100th season of serving stone crab. Their new Take Away deli restaurant, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. As you can see, we are proud to say that our organic maple syrup is highlighted at the top of their breakfast menu. Congratulations, Joe’s Stone Crab, not many restaurants can boast that they’ve been around for 100 years!

Sweet Success


Thank you to all who helped with the maple syrup season this year. With 1,000 taps and the trees gushing with sap, we collected a total of 7,305 gallons of sap, making about 210 gallons of pure, sweet maple syrup. A sweet, and successful season.

Trees are tapped.


On Saturday, March 9, we had about 20 generous friends and colleagues come out to the farm to help us tap the maple trees for the 2013 maple syrup season. Our goal was to put out 1,000 spiles all in one day. But it turned out to be rather challenging weather…snow…rain…ice… a pretty cold, wet, and uncomfortable day.

But despite the challenges that mother nature sent out way, our hard-working crew helped us get about 850 trees tapped. Then a few more friends returned on Saturday March 16 and the rest of the taps were put out. Now we just need some warm weather to get the sap running.

Stay tuned for news on the sap run as it happens, and we hope you’ll be able to join us for some maple syrup making fun this year.

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