Our farming adventure began in 1997 when we bought our 172-acre piece of land near Mora, Minnesota. While we still lived in the Twin Cities, we came up to the farm as often as we could and stayed in our camping trailer. We fell in love with the land, so we built a house and became residents in 2000.

The vegetable garden was established the first year we bought the land. In 2001 we started tapping trees to make maple syrup, then soon to follow was adding an apple orchard, honeybees, and laying hens.

Our farm has been certified organic by MOSA since 2008. Our certified organic crops include: maple syrup, vegetables, apples, plums, cherries, pears, and grapes. Most of our farm products are offered in our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) serving Mora, Cambridge, and St. Cloud.

Jim & Debbie Morrison


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