Only One More Day to Shop.

Our last day of the season will be THIS SATURDAY December 22nd, Noon – 6pm. Then we will be closing for the season. When we re-open in the spring, we will be in our new building. Stay tuned for updates.

December Hours.

Yes, we are open during the holidays! Stop by, enjoy some cider and pick up some wonderful Minnesota gifts: maple syrup, honey, wild rice, and Minnesota gift box.

Hours for December 1 – 29, 2019 (closing for the season on 12/22/18)

Saturdays noon – 6pm       Sundays 1pm – 5pm

Hope to see you on the farm.

The Story of Two Yellow Bellies.

It’s been a flurry of activity the past 24 hours since Omnipolo, a brewery in Sweden, announced that they received a Cease & Desist for the use of the name Yellow Belly on their famous Imperial stout. Yellow Belly Imperial stout is a collaboration with Omnipolo and Buxton Brewery in the UK and has gained a significant fan base over the past five years. Their attention-getting packaging – cloaked in a KKK robe – also delivers a unique, anti-racism message. Hats off to Ominpolo and Buxton for both their innovative thinking, as well as a making a really good beer.

The problem, however, is that here in the USA, we own the trademark for “Yellow Belly” so fans of their Yellow Belly, jumped to the conclusion that we were the ones filing the C&D. So we started getting some pretty nasty messages from frustrated fans. Nope. It wasn’t us. We eventually learned that it is a brewery in the UK who is behind it, and we really don’t know any more details than that.

We have been very aware of the other Yellow Belly for a long time. In fact, here in Minnesota, we work wth the same distributor too. And even though we own the US trademark for the name, the two Yellow Belly brands (ours and theirs) are so different, that we felt we could easily co-exist. We also liked what they are doing, so we have not felt the need to pursue any legal action. However, that does not mean that we aren’t concerned about protecting our trademark. We are protective of our trademark and we do keep an eye on what is happening here in the USA and evaluate each situation as it arises.

So why are we not concerned in this situation? As you can see, their definition of Yellow Belly is that of a coward who acts anonymously which is a signifying trait of institutionalized racism, thus the KKK robe. Our definition of Yellow Belly is a woodpecker, a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, which exemplifies the products on our farm. There is no confusion between these two brands.

Since this story broke, we have been in contact with Ominpolo and we really appreciate their help in straightening out the confusion regarding the parties involved.

On another note, don’t be too quick to demonize the brewery who did issue the C&D. After all, they do own the European trademark, and none of us know any of the details involved in the case so we need to be fair to them as well. Likewise, Omnipollo and Buxton Brewery should have been more cautious about potential trademark infringement.

Meanwhile… for those of you who have never heard of our Yellow Belly, now that you are on our website, take a few minutes to browse through our products, and if you get a chance to try our cider, we know you will be very pleased. Also, it is the holiday season, and our Minnesota maple syrup, honey, wild rice, and Minnesota gift pack make delightful gifts for your loved ones, and you can buy it right here on our online store.

Wishing everyone a blessed holiday season.

It’s not us!

It has been brought to our attention that there has been a cease and desist sent to Omnipollo for the use of “Yellow Belly.” While we do own the USA trademark for “Yellow Belly,” WE HAVE NOT FILED THE CEASE AND DESIST. It is our understanding that it is a brewery in the UK who has issued the the C&D. Here is a link to the legal filing in Europe.

So rather than getting upset about the situation and directing your ire (erroneously) toward us, how about we all just take a deep breath, slow down, relax with one of our delicious, award-winning Yellow Belly ciders, and practice some Minnesota Nice. Now doesn’t that sound fun? Oh yah, you betcha!


Open for the Holidays.

We are happy to announce that the farm will be open for the holidays starting November 24th through December 23rd. Our hours are:

Saturdays Noon – 6pm

Sundays 1pm – 5pm

While we are still under construction, you can enjoy the warmth and space inside our new building and get a sneak peak at what it will be like when construction is complete.

Stop by to pick up some terrific Minnesota grown gifts (maple syrup, wild rice, honey, Minnesota Gift Box) for your loved ones, and relax and enjoy a Yellow Belly or hot fresh cider inside our new, warm building. Dogs on leash are welcome. Get your East Central Craft Beverage Trail passport stamped too.

Here is a sneak peek inside the new building. Hope to see you on the farm this holiday season!

Temporarily Closed. But Opening Soon.

Our primitive “tasting room” which was nestled between the boat, skid steer implements and maple syrup buckets is now closed. We made it work through the summer, but now the autumn chill is here. But fear not, we will reopen as soon as we have a warm space in our spacious, brand new building. Construction is moving along just fine, and we plan to reopen before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

Now Available: Organic Ginger Root.

We have a spectacular crop of ginger this year and we are happy to announce that we have extra for sale. This is the ginger we grow for our Yellow Belly Ginger Cider. And now we have more to share with you this year.

Enjoy a combination of three different varieties: Yellow Hawaiian, Khnig Yai, and Bubba Blue. All varieties are delicious.

BUY NOW through our online store, or stop by the farm this Saturday 10/27 and pick some up in person, while supplies last.

Ginger is normally grown in Hawaii, so how do we grow ginger in Minnesota? Here is how we do it each year. It takes a lot of time, patience, and willingness to dedicate valuable growing space inside the hoop house. But this is the reward. A beautiful crop that is rarely grown in Minnesota.

October CSA. Last Box of the Season.

The last CSA box of the season is here, and it is a bountiful harvest this month. As always, everything was grown and prepared right here on the farm and everything is 100% certified organic. Here is what you’ll find in the box this month.

Ginger – some nice chunks of freshly harvested ginger root. My ginger crop this year was spectacular, my best crop ever. Please be aware that the chunks in your box are merely field cleaned so there is still a fair amount of soil that will need to be cleaned off before you use it.

Squash – two squash, one of each variety. Butternut squash is the long-necked tan squash; buttercup is the round dark green squash. Both are sweet, bright orange, and my personal faves when it comes to squash.

Radish greens – I attempted to grow some late-season radishes, but I guess it was just a little too late to make that happen. However, I was able to grow a huge, beautiful crop of radish greens. Radish greens are super yummy, and can be prepared much like arugula. They can be made into pesto, added to a salad, sautéed, or roasted. Just google for some recipes, and you’ll see how versatile they are. You will find a few mature radishes attached to the greens as well.

Green heirloom tomatoes – You have a few different options with the green tomatoes. You can let them ripen on your counter, but be aware that they will not be as tasty as they were when they were vine-ripened. Or you can pickle them when they’re green, which is what my mother used to do. And of course, you can make fried green tomatoes. This time you will find your green tomatoes inside the box, rather in the sugar house. The reason is because the green tomatoes have already been subject to nearly freezing temps in the hoop house, so they have already been chilled.

Peppers – most of them are sweet peppers, with a few little hot ones tossed in.

Cucumber – I was surprised to find a handful of cucumbers still hanging on this late in the season, so there is one in every box.

Kale – a nice big bundle of dark green goodness.

Rainbow chard – a small handful of some colorful leaves.

1/2 gallon of fresh/frozen apple cider – As mentioned previously, our fresh apple cider is pressed, then immediately bottled and frozen. The reason it is frozen is because it is fresh, raw, organic, unpasteurized juice, so once it’s thawed, the shelf life is about one week.

Eggs – one dozen of farm fresh eggs, brought to you by the ladies in the hen spa.

Yellow Belly hard cider – three four-packs of any combination of flavors you prefer.

Thank you to all who participated in our first-ever whole farm CSA, and we especially thank you for supporting our farm.


September CSA.

Autumn has arrived. Hooray! And this month’s box will feature some popular fall favorites. This is what is planned for your box this month.
EGGPLANT – An heirloom variety that has a beautiful white skin with light purple stripes.
APPLES – a bag full of a wide variety of apples. Some of these apples are for baking, so they will have a softer texture, some are for eating, so they’ll have the juicy, crunchy texture you like, and some are popular for cider. No matter which variety, ALL of them are great for baking, juicing, or making into apple sauce. Have some fun comparing the various varieties, as you’ll be surprised at how different apples can be. Please note, don’t be afraid of the spots on the skin, it’s harmless. If you want to remove the stains, just rub them down with some vinegar. Remember, these are certified organic apples, so there has never been any harmful sprays applied. Varieties included: Striped Harvey, Sweet Sixteen, Bullock, Goodland, Zestar, Wealthy, Beacon, and Haralson
FRESH-PRESSED APPLE CIDER – We’ve been pressing apples and have the season’s first batch of fresh-pressed apple cider. Your CSA includes 1/2 gallon of fresh cider that we pressed yesterday. Since our cider is raw, organic, unpasteurized, fresh cider, we bottle it up in plastic jugs and immediately flash freeze it so it will stay fresh. So you’ll be getting a frozen 1/2 gallon jug.
GRAPES – These grapes a unlike any grapes you’ve ever had. They are tart with an intense grape flavor and do have seeds. Normally by this time of year we have had our first frost which sweetens up the grapes.. But so far that hasn’t happened, so the grapes will be a little more tart this year.
VINE-RIPENED HEIRLOOM TOMATOES – a beautiful selection of big, medium, small, red, yellow, orange, purple, and pink tomatoes.
GREEN TOMATOESIn addition to the ripe tomatoes, you’ll find some green tomatoes. You can either let them ripen on the counter, or you can make your favorite recipe of fried green tomatoes.
BEETS –  I have an abundance of beets this year which is why you have been blessed with them for the passed couple of months. I happen to really like beets myself, so I hope you like them too. Remember that the greens are also tasty.
PEPPERS – A combination of sweet and hot peppers, just like last month.
SWISS CHARD – I have a very healthy and ample crop of Swiss chard this year, so you will be seeing a big bunch of this in every box through the rest of the season.
KALE – just like the chard, I have an ample supply of kale. So if you want an extra big helping of either kale or chard, just let me know!
EGGS – one dozen from our happy hens
YELLOW BELLY CIDER – three four-packs each, your choice of any of the four flavors
Happy Autumn,

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