Introducing Ginger Yellow Belly Hard Cider


We are happy to announce our new Ginger Yellow Belly Hard Cider. This is our original semi-sweet small batch hard cider, infused with fresh ginger root which was grown here on our farm. You can find Yellow Belly at these retailers in the Twin Cities and Central Minnesota. We are currently expanding our distribution into the Northern regions of Minnesota as well. Ginger Yellow Belly is now being added to the shelves along side our original Semi-Sweet. If you don’t find it on the shelves, ask your retailer to contact our distributor, Bernick’s and they will happily help to get Yellow Belly and Ginger Yellow Belly on the shelves.


2016 CSA Sign-Up Now Open.

Week 10

2016 CSA signup is now open. Pick up locations include:

Made of Mora, downtown Mora, MN

City Center Market Co-op, Cambridge, MN

Good Earth Co-op, St. Cloud, MN

Full share – $480, 1/2 bushel box of fresh produce, 18 weeks from early June – early October.

Half share – $280, 1/2 bushel box of fresh produce, every-other-week from early June – early October, for a total 9 weeks throughout the season.

See complete details about what we offer in our CSA and how to join our CSA. Available through our online store.


Yellow Belly wins People’s Choice Award for Best Hard Cider.


We had a wonderful time at the 2016 Fourth Annual St. Cloud Craft Beer Tour in St. Cloud last night. The River’s Edge Convention Center was packed with 3,000 craft beer enthusiasts ready to sample over 250 craft beers, hard ciders, and hard sodas from around Minnesota and the world.

Even though our location was in the corner, we were easy to spot with our booth adorned with an array of posters highlighting Minnesota humor. To our surprise, many fans wanted to take our posters as a souvenir, so towards the end of the day, we handed them out to those who appreciated them.

The attendees then voted for their favorite beer, favorite brewery, and favorite hard cider/hard soda beverage. We were so excited to learn that our Yellow Belly Small Batch Hard Cider was the winner of the favorite hard cider/hard soda category! And congrats goes to Beaver Island Brewing Company of St. Cloud who won the People’s Choice for Best Beer, and Best Brewery!

Thanks to our niece Carrie Noble and fellow Mora resident Nate Robertson who helped out with sampling, and of course, partaking in tasting the many delicious beverages through the event.



more booth


Cyber Monday: Super Fun Gift Ideas.

Mn Gift pack

It’s been a busy shopping weekend with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, now Cyber Monday. If you haven’t already finished your gift shopping, here are a few more ideas that are unique and fun for everyone. And the best part is that I can do all of the work for you too, including packing up the gifts and sending them to your loved ones. Just visit our online store and see the delicious, Minnesota grown items we have to offer.

For those of you here in the Mora area, no need to add shipping on to your order, so just contact me at and I can make arrangements to meet you in town or here at the farm.

Organic Minnesota Maple Syrup
17 oz glass bottles – $16
One-gallon plastic jug – $68
Minnesota Wildflower Honey
1-lb glass jar – $7
2-lb glass jar – $13
Minnesota Wild Rice
1-lb package – $11
Minnesota Gift Pack – $48
1-lb glass jar of honey
17 oz glass bottle of maple syrup
1-lb package wild rice
All in a hand-crafted wooden crate made by a local artisan.
As you’re planning your get-togethers with family and friends, remember to pick up some of our Sapsucker Farms Yellow Belly Small Batch Hard Cider. You can find it at these retailers throughout the Twin Cities, St. Cloud, Duluth, and East Central Minnesota.
Thank you for your on-going support of our farm, and I promise that this will be the one and only promotional email you will receive from me.

May God richly bless your holiday season.



Fresh Ginger


This year was the first time I grew fresh ginger on the farm, right here in Minnesota. I am happy to report that it was a success. I planted about 10 pounds of ginger seed and now have about 30 pounds harvested. With the success of this year’s crop, I plan to plant a whole lot more in 2016.


Happy Thanksgiving.


I admit I am a little behind on the fall farm work this season. But since it’s been a warm fall, it ends up being an advantage. This year my Thanksgiving assignment is potatoes. So I dug some up fresh from the garden on Thanksgiving morning. Doesn’t get any fresher than that.


Cider Season is Here.


This has been a very good year for apples. Our young apple trees are starting to produce so it has been fun to see and taste all of the different varieties.

We have pressed all of our harvest this year and it is now being made into the new stock of Yellow Belly hard cider.


CSA Week 18: Last Box of the Season.

Week 18

I can’t help but notice that the items in this box are mostly red and green… the colors of the end-of-the-year holidays. Hmmmm…. perhaps the holiday season colors are inspired by late-season veggie harvest? Something to think about.

Anyhoo… It’s always a bittersweet time of year when the last box is packed and delivered. While it’s sad to see the growing season coming to a close, the soil, plants, and farmers are ready for a break after all of the hard work throughout the season.

So here is what you will find in your last box for 2015:

Apples – A random combination of multiple varieties that are ripe right now: Empire, Chestnut crab apples, Honeycrisp, Red Baron, and many more.

Baby beets with greens – some tasty small beets with a nice bunch of greens attached.

Peppers – Mostly it’s the small-sized peppers varieties that are still producing. Some sweet, some hot.

Broccoli florets  I believe that broccoli is the MVP for the 2015 season.

Lettuce – Coming full circle, some heirloom butter crunch lettuce, which was also in your very first box of the season.

Arugula – This spicy, peppery green is back for an encore appearance.

Kale – The trendy green that all of the cool kids love to eat.

Onions – A couple of red, a couple of sweet yellows.

Vine-ripened heriloom tomatoes – savor the last of this delightful summer fruit (although, personally, I believe that tomatoes are a vegetable, not a fruit).

What to do with the boxes and cooler packs?
They are yours to recycle, or reuse as you desire.

Last chance to order these items.

Home Town Hummus – $5 per tub.
Free-range eggs – $4 dozen
Organic Maple Syrup – $15 per 17 oz. bottle, $65 per gallon

Here is the delivery schedule this week:
St. Cloud Offices – Tuesday morning around 10:00 am
St. Cloud Good Earth Co-op – Tuesday morning around 10:30
Spring Meadows – Tuesday about noon.
MB25 – Tuesday, around 1:00
Vital Images – Tuesday, between 1:00 and 2:00 pm.
Made of Mora – Thursday by 11:00 a.m.
Sapsucker Farms – Thursday or Friday anytime after noon.
City Center Market Co-op in Cambridge – Friday mornings by 10:00 a.m.

I hope you will get a chance to enjoy our Sapsucker Farms Yellow Belly hard cider at these retail locations.

And as always, even during the off season, you can keep up with what’s happening on the farm with our Sapsucker Farms Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter @SapsuckerFarms. This email will also be posted on the website as well.

Thank you for supporting our farm this season, and may God bless you always.



CSA Week 17: It’s Officially Autumn.


AND this is the last CSA box for the half-share members (one more week for full-share members). Can you believe it??! My how quickly the time flew by?!

Even though CSA season may be coming to a close, the apple-picking season will continue for a few more weeks. We are thankful that our apple crop this year is beautiful and abundant. Soon we will pressing apples for fresh cider, as well as for making our Yellow Belly hard cider.

Last weekend we hosted an apple-growing workshop, co-sponsored by Sapsucker Farms, the U of M Extension and the Pine and Kanabec County Master Gardeners. The workshop was free and we were thrilled to have such a large turnout with 70 people attending. Here is an article in the local newspaper, that has a quick recap of the event. Minnesota apples are in high demand, so we continue to encourage anyone in our area who has an interest in being an apple grower to consider doing so.

Thank you for supporting our farm.
I don’t know about you, but I sure enjoyed this season. It made me happy to know that Sapsucker Farms was able to fill up your CSA boxes each week for 18 weeks with fresh, 100% certified organic produce. The majority of the crops planted this year were a success. There are, however, a few crops that didn’t make it… which is why you didn’t see any brussel sprouts, melons, radicchio, fennel, turnips, and rutabagas in your box this season. Each one of these crops have a story behind them, so I’ll spare you the details. But that’s farming… it’s risky business, and I thank you CSA members for sharing in the risk along side our farm this year.

We want your feedback.
As we close out the season, I really want your feedback. In your box you will find an end-of-season survey, along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope for your mailing convenience. It’s a very short questionnaire so it’ll only take a few minutes to complete. I really do take to heart your comments, so I would really appreciate.

What to do with empty boxes.
One last bit of housekeeping… half-share members, if you could please return your boxes and cold packs to the place where you pick up your boxes, then I will pick them up next week when I deliver the last box for the full-share members.

What’s in your box this week.
So, here is what you’ll find in your box this week:

LEEKS If you’re not familiar with leeks, they look like monster scallions. There are a number of different ways to prepare leeks and you’ll find some recipe suggestions on my website. One of the most popular ways to prepare them is potato leek soup. And as you see, you have potatoes this week too. How convenient is that?!

GRAPES – These are not your typical table grapes. They’re small with seeds, and they have a very intense grape flavor. They’re delicious, and it only takes a few grapes to satisfy your grape cravings.

POTATOES – A combination of red, white, blue, and yellow, ranging in size from extra large to teeny tiny little tater nuggets.

PUMPKIN or SQUASH – you’ll find either a small pie pumpkin, a butternut, or buttercup squash. If you’re not sure what to do with a pumpkin, remember that it is not only good to make it into a pie, but you can prepare it using any of your favorite squash recipes too. My favorite squash or pumpkin recipe is to simply cut it up into small pieces, roast it until tender, then top it with butter and maple syrup. REAL maple syrup of course, and if you happen to be out of the real stuff, well I will be happy to deliver some to you this week. See “Add on items” below.

ONIONS – Sweet white ones and some red ones

LETTUCE – Back for a repeat appearance, the fall succession planting of heirloom butter crunch lettuce is ready just in time for the half-share members’ last box.

KALE and/or CHARD – These are the hearty greens of the fall season, and this year’s crop was bountiful.

EDAMAME – Just boil ’em, salt ’em, and eat ’em.

VINE-RIPENED HEIRLOOM TOMATOES – It’ll be a smaller portion this week. Now that the weather is cooling down and the days are getting shorter, the tomatoes are taking a lot longer time to ripen.

As always, if you are interested in any of these items this week, please let me know ASAP so I can include them with your delivery, and I can coordinate payment with you as well.

Home Town Hummus – $5 per tub.
Free-range eggs – $4 The hen house ladies seem to be back in business again, so I’ll have a few extra dozen this week.
Minnesota Wildflower Honey – sold out, but I’ll be harvesting 2015 crop soon.
Organic Maple Syrup – $15 per 17 oz. bottle, $65 per gallon

Here is the delivery schedule this week:
St. Cloud Offices – Tuesday morning around 10:30 am
St. Cloud Good Earth Co-op – Tuesday mornings between 10:30 am and 11:00 aam
Spring Meadows – Tuesday, between noon and 12:30.
MB25 – Tuesday, around 1:00
Vital Images – Tuesday, between 1:00 and 2:00 pm.
Made of Mora – Thursday by 11:00 a.m.
Sapsucker Farms – Thursday or Friday anytime after noon.
City Center Market Co-op in Cambridge – Friday mornings by 10:00 a.m.

I hope you will have an opportunity to enjoy our Sapsucker Farms Yellow Belly hard cider. It can be found at these retail locations, and we continue to expand our distribution every week.

Even though our CSA season is coming to an end, you can always keep up with what’s happening on the farm with our Sapsucker Farms Facebook page, on Twitter @SapsuckerFarms. as well as on our website.



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