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Saturday June 8, 2019 1pm How to Prepare, Serve, and Enjoy Your Spring Vegetables

Saturday June 15 6pm – 9pmBluegrass Country Trio.

Saturday June 15 and Sunday June 16 – Three for Free Craft Beverage Tour, in tandem with the East Central Craft Beverage Trail. $20 for one day, $30 for two days.Get your tickets here.

Saturday June 22, 6pm – 9pm Ole & Lena Music and Comedy Act.

Saturday June 29, 6pm – 9pm Karaoke, and The Grandstand Food Truck.


Saturday June 8, 1pm: How to Prepare, Serve, and Enjoy Your Spring Vegetables.

Have a CSA and don’t know what to do with kohlrabi, arugula, bok choy, or other vegetables? Or you just have a lot of rhubarb, radishes, and overwhelmed by zucchini, and you’d like try something new?

We welcome culinary expert Barbara Fredrickson, graduate of the San Francisco School of Culinary Arts, and the Foodservice Director for the Mora School District who will share with us some easy and delicious ways to prepare and enjoy the spring harvest of vegetables.

This is free and open to everyone who just want to know more about great ways to enjoy the fresh, spring harvest of locally grown produce.


May CSA – Greens Galore. And Yellow Belly.

The first CSA box of the season is ready. Actually I’m changing it up this year, and there will no longer be CSA “boxes” but rather, the CSAs will be provided in a nifty, re-usable grocery bag.

Members, all you need to do is grab a bag, then return it next month to exchange for a full bag. At the end of the season, you’ll get to keep your last bag.

Even though it’s been a very challenging, cold, wet, spring, I’ve managed to keep the crops growing, so the first bag is full of greens galore. Here is what you’ll find in your first CSA of the 2019 season.

FRESH EGGS – 1 dozen eggs, specially laid for you by our ladies in the hen spa
YELLOW BELLY CIDER – three four-packs of your choice, any combination or all of the same flavor if you prefer. NOTE: you must be at least  21 years old to pick up the cider, so be prepared to show your ID

HEIRLOOM LETTUCE – A couple of heads of Baby Oakleaf lettuce. This lettuce is pretty, frilly, delicate, tender, and delicious.
BABY BOK CHOY – the white stems are tender and juicy, and the green leaves add color and texture to stir-fries and salads
SPINACH – I had some crop loss due to the crazy cold weather, but there will be a small portion of this delectable green.
ARUGULA – Again, I had some crop losses, so you’ll get a small portion of this unique, spicey-flavored green. 
RADISHES WITH GREENS – No doubt you’re familiar with radishes, but don’t discard the greens as they are another delicious and mildly spicy green to enjoy either cooked or raw.
PEA SHOOTS – Tender and tasty, enjoy them as a snack or add them to salads or your favorite Asian-style dish
FOUR GARDEN PLANTS – if you have a garden, you can add these herbs and veggies to the mix. Or, the herbs you can keep in your kitchen window, and just put the veggies in a bigger pot on your patio and watch them grow throughout the season.

  • Italian basil plant – Aromatic and luscious
  • Purple basil plant – A fun and colorful herb, used just like the Italian basil
  • Heirloom Tomato plant – “Carmello” which is a beautiful, red, round slicer tomato
  • Pepper plant – Sweet bell pepper

Thank you for joining in our farming adventure this year, and we hope you will love the fresh, organic goodness as much as we do.


June 25th – Spring Celebration on the farm.

It’s been a long, cold, wet spring. But despite the crappy weather, we decided to celebrate spring, and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful weekend too! 

Since Memorial weekend is the (unofficial) kick-off to summer, we thought it was appropriate to celebrate spring at the same time as kicking off summer.

The apple trees in the orchard are finally starting to bloom. Take a stroll through the orchard, enjoy some Yellow Belly cider, and while you’re at it, pick up some organic garden veggie plants to start your own garden.

Also, starting this weekend, we will now be open on Sundays too. Our summer business hours are:

Saturdays – Noon – 6pm

Sundays – 1pm – 5pm

Hope to see you this weekend here at the farm.

Minne Art Show

Saturday June 1, 2019 Noon – 6pm

We are kicking off Minnesota Cider Week on Saturday June 1st by showcasing the work of some talented Minnesota artists here at the farm. Sip on cider and be inspired by the works of Dee KotaskaKilns of Flanders, Snowfeather Studio, Keith Raivo, and more. 

There will be pottery, photography, wall art, jewelry, scarves, woodworking, metal work and more, all handmade with love by local artists. It’s a great opportunity to shop for gifts, decor, or beautiful pieces that make you smile or touches your soul.

Enjoy some Yellow Belly cider along with delicious food from Hunters Grill Mobile food truck. Fun for the whole family.

Cidery Grand Opening

Saturday May 18 Noon – 6pm

Come join us for our grand opening of our brand new 6400 square foot cider barn on Saturday May 18 Noon – 6pm. See where Yellow Belly Cider is made and enjoy some cider while admiring our beautiful, hand-crafted bar. Enjoy some delicious pub food from F-n-A’s Rollin’ Cafe food truck, and take a stroll through the farm. Fun for the whole family.

Also available: organic maple syrup, wildflower honey, organic apple juice, and garden veggie plants.

So, This Happened.

A snow storm on May 8, 2019 is a reminder that spring in Minnesota is always unpredictable. We are watching Baltimore Orioles, Purple Finches, Chipping Sparrows, and other summertime birds feast at the feeders, surrounded in a blanket of white. I don’t ever remember seeing this, but I’m sure it’s happened before.

Inside the hoop house, the crops I’ve planted so far are: lettuce, onions, broccoli, bok choy, lemon basil, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, cabbage, kale, and several varieties of beans. Fingers crossed that they’re staying warm enough.

East Central MN Local Food Fair – Saturday April 20, Noon – 4pm.

Join us on Saturday, April 20, Noon – 4pm for the first-ever East Central Minnesota Local Food Fair. It’s your chance to meet the local farmers who are raising sustainable, healthy food, and learn more about their operations. Featured farmers are: Nelson Grass Farm, Ogilvie; Yellow Hutch Farm, Braham, Fresh Starts Farm, Mora; Abrahams Table Farm, Sandstone, and of course, yours truly, Sapsucker Farms, Quamba. 

Farm products for sale include: pasture-raised poultry, pork, beef, fresh eggs, maple syrup, honey, or sign up for a CSA, which is a subscription for fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits during the growing season.

In addition to the local farmers, you can learn more about how to grown your own produce, you can ask the Master Gardeners from Kanabec County and Pine County, find out about garden plats available with the Mora and Pine City Community gardens, and find out more about the Mora Area Farmers Market.

Stroll through our new cider barn, enjoy a Yellow Belly cider, and engage with local food growers. Fun for the whole family. We hope to see you on the farm.


Now Open on Saturdays Noon – 6pm

The new Cider Barn

Our new building is complete and operational. We still have a few more tweaks to do inside, but we are ready to sample cider and conduct tours of where Yellow Belly is made. Our new business hours for 2019 are:
Now through April 30th – Saturdays Noon – 6pm
May 1 – October 31 – Saturdays Noon – 6pm
Sundays 1pm – 5pm
November 1 through December 31 – Saturdays Noon – 6pm
Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the adventures on the farm and al of the events we have planned this year.

2019 Maple Tree Tapping – Saturday March 23rd 10 am

Spring is here and it’s time to tap the maple trees. Come join us on Saturday March 23 starting at 10 am to help tap 1,000 trees for this year’s maple syrup season. It’s a fun time for the whole family, and a great way to cure cabin fever. Free lunch of chili and fixin’s to all workers who come and join us.

Wear your grubbies and mud boots, and plan to get dirty. Of course, dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Hope to see you here at Sapsucker Farms.

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